Sandoval Supports A Middle-Class Economic Agenda

Sandoval has an agenda to help working families.

State Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-11th) is co-sponsoring an agenda that would guarantee paid sick leave, help families with college students qualify for increased tuition tax credits and close corporate loop holes under a legislative agenda he and several other Senate Democrats are rallying behind as negotiations with Governor Rauner have stalled.

The new plan has arisen as Rauner has threatened to shut down state government and all state services if lawmakers don’t reduce worker protections, ease regulations on corporations that make dangerous products and slash billions of dollars in services to at-risk children and seniors.

“I will continue to fight for the working middle-class families of the southwest side of Chicago and suburban West Cook,” Sandoval said. “We must deal with the state's debt and deficit but maintain the investments that are critical to moving forward our working families, seniors and veterans.”

The agenda unveiled Sunday contains five key provisions:

· College tuition tax credit;

· Minimum wage;

· Tuition-free first year of Community college;

· Guaranteed paid sick leave;

· Corporate loophole closings.

The proposals could be in final form for possible votes should lawmakers be called back into session this summer.