Sandoval, Landek Honor Mexico City's Secretary of Health

State senators Martin A. Sandoval (D-11th) and Steven Landek (D-12th) welcomed the Honorable Secretary of Public Health of Mexico City, Dr. Armando Ahued, when he delivered a speech before the General Assembly in Springfield.

Dr. Ahued was recognized for the impact and results of "The Doctor in Your House” program. Since the program’s implementation in October 2014, doctors in Mexico City have visited nearly 2.5 million households, benefiting more than 198,000 vulnerable patients, including: elderly, bedridden or terminally ill patients, the disabled and people in situations of neglect.

The program initially emerged from the concern to reduce maternal mortality. The findings expanded to primarily address other vulnerable groups whose health condition demanded immediate medical attention. To date, doctors have identified and given free medical care to 27,500 pregnant women, of whom 31 percent had never been to a doctor’s office, of them, 40 percent were cases of high-risk pregnancies. Currently there have been no maternal and infant deaths for women who have been served by the program.

Dr. Ahued also noted that recently "The Doctor in Your House" program was enacted into Law in Mexico City, guaranteeing free access to health care for all vulnerable groups. During the working visit, Sandoval led a collaboration agreement between Mexico City’s Department of Health and the University of Illinois to share experiences in areas of health, education and scientific research, to strengthen the implementation of better public policies.