Sandoval Supports a Chicago Elected School Board

State Senator Martin A. Sandoval (center) met with Brighton Park Neighborhood Council (BPNC) Parent Mentors to discuss his support for a Chicago elected school board.

The Illinois House passed legislation that would create an elected school board in Chicago.

The bill, HB557, which passed by a 110-4 vote, was introduced after seeing overwhelming resident support for the idea and in response to Chicago Public Schools' mounting financial problems.

If passed, the legislation would mandate that elected school board members serve one, five-year term starting with an election in 2018. Board members would be able to run for four-year terms following their first term. Chicago public schools would be divided into 20 districts by the general assembly and there would be one board chair that runs citywide, adding up to a total number of 21 board members.

"An elected school board will give the taxpayers a say in the future of the city’s education system," said Senator Sandoval.