Sandoval Fights For "All Kids"

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois is state were children need comprehensive and affordable health insurance regardless of family income or immigration status,” said Senator Sandoval (D-Chicago). “Illinois All Kids Healthcare program must remain in order for our kids to succeed.”

The Covering All Kids Health Insurance Act is set to expire in July of this year, but Martinez’s legislation would extend it to 2019. Extending the act would prevent more than 40,000 children, regardless of their legal status, from losing their health insurance coverage.

“Providing health insurance to children in Illinois is not only the morally right thing to do, but it’s also good public policy,” said Martinez. “I don’t want to see children lose health insurance coverage, which could lead to long-term health problems that will be harmful and cost us more down the road.”

The Covering All Kids Health Insurance Act covers a subset of children in the Illinois All Kids Health Insurance Program— the state’s health insurance program for children.

Covering All Kids provides health insurance to children who can’t access other health care plans and whose family income is between 209 and 318 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

The program receives an annual $40 million federal match that reduces its already modest cost to the state. All families covered are required to pay a monthly premium of $40 for one child and $80 for two children.

House Bill 5736 will now go to the full Illinois Senate for approval.