Social Services

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Saint Anthony Hospital

Saint Anthony Hospital community-based programs and services, often provided in partnership with neighborhood schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations, to offer a wide variety of free social and health-related services

North Lawndale Community Wellness: 773.522.5299
Little Village Community Wellness: 773.523.5079

Illinois Job Search

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Pilsen Wellness Center

The Pilsen Wellness Center actively seeks to provide human services to individuals and families through culturally sensitive education, prevention, treatment, and recovery interventions. These services are aimed toward supporting family relationships, facilitating community empowerment, and stimulating economic development.

Main Phone: 773.579.0832


Offers a variety of services including: child and family development, education, home energy programs and many more.

Cicero Phone: 708.652.7559

Summit Phone: 708. 458.2736

Latino Organization of the Southwest

Provides services for the youth as well as adults, ranging from tutoring and youth leadership to violence prevention and adult education and more.

Main Phone: 773.925.1438

Cicero Housing Authority

Provides Housing Choice Vouchers to persons who meet certain criteria in the Town of Cicero.

Main Phone: 708.652.0386

National Latino Education Institute

National Latino Education Institute exists to enhance the quality of life for Latinos through educational, vocational, and employment services, and through advocacy, thus enabling the achievement of economic independence.

Pilsen Phone: 312.243.3030

McKinley Park Phone 773.247.0707